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Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

Pure tone Audiometry is a test which helps in deciding the type and extent of hearing impairment, ie, the hearing sensitivity of the individual. It is one of the basic tests in the audiological test battery.

Immittance Audiometry

Different pathological conditions of the middle ear affects the sound conduction and the functioning of the middle ear. Thus Impedance Audiometry helps in measuring the changes in the middle ear impedance assist in detection of middle ear pathologies.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

The most frequently used objective test is Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR). This is known by various other names such as BERA (Brainstem evoked response Audiometry). This test involves measuring responses from the nerves that are stimulation when the sounds pass through the ear. This noninvasive test is useful for the detection of hearing loss in newborns and infants, for the medical diagnosis of auditory disorders and for confirming nonorganic hearing loss. ABR can be performed for neuro diagnosistic purpose on individuals of any age.

Otoacoustic emissions

Otoacoustic emissions are sounds that originate in the cochlea and propagate through the middle ear and into the ear canal, where they can be measured using a sensitive microphone. OAE mainly checks for the functioning of outerhair cells. This rapid test can be used for screening in the newborn nursery.

Hearing Instruments Fitting

Hearing aid fitting are done to ensure proper hearing for individual with hearing impairment. We ensure complete satisfaction for each and every client fitted with hearing aids. Our hearing aids come in all shapes and styles and a range of price options so we will be able to find a hearing aid to suit hearing impaired individual needs and their budget. Hearing care centre provide with any continuing hearing requirements, repairs, reprogramming and to supply hearing aid batteries and accessories.


>> Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs in noisy working environments.

>> Keep the volume down on your stereo and headphones.

>> Don’t go poking around in your ears even with cotton swabs.

>> If you suspect a hearing loss, consult an ENT doctor or an audiologist immediately.

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